What We Do

Putting the customer at the heart of everything that we do. We create long lasting relationships, repeat custom and strengthen the bond between you and your target audience.

How We Work

We thrive under pressure and believe in healthy competition. Our desire and commitment to win at all costs, the right way, is a true reflection of stellar performance.

Covering All Bases

We meticulously handle all details of your campaign. Through a direct approach we can quickly raise your profile and dramatically increase your customer base within a matter of weeks.

Innovative Team

We value our people more than anything. Through a fun environment focused on progression and recognition, our development program ensures personal growth and separates ourselves from the competition.

We Create & Communicate

The key to success both personally and professionally, is through human connection. We use a unique approach to tailor our communications, allowing us to hit goals and maintain high quality of service for our client. With technology continuing to evolve, the different ways to communicate are endless; telephone, email, mobile, video-calling and social media are integral to work life today. Yet despite this, we believe that live interactions always has been and always will be the most effective form of communication./span>

Why Do Clients Love René?

Here at René, we go above and beyond to listen to our clients, understanding that each client is diverse and needs special attention. This separates us from the competition and provides a winning formula for success. When testing a new campaign we only have one criterion: The scope to grow exponentially. The process is simple, we find out your goals and plans for growth and we formulate a sales strategy to match your goal.

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Working With René

Join our portfolio of clientele that is incredibly diverse in industries such as telecommunications, charities, medical, financial, food and lifestyle.  We are able to engage with our client’s customer base, identifying trends, providing live feedback on products and creating a better experience for the consumer.

We offer graduates and hardworking business professionals the opportunity to expand on their skill sets and progress within our business model, encouraging rapid advancement. If you consider yourself to be a stellar performer and thinking of starting an exciting new opportunity, if you are ambitious, hard working and motivated to learn, then we may have place on our team for you.

Our Culture


While it may seem like camaraderie in the workplace is nice but not totally essential, our team has found that a sense of closeness amongst co-workers dramatically improves happiness and productivity in the office. We have realized that when staff members genuinely like each other, their work on team-based projects improves greatly. Communication levels are high, as people are more willing to play off of one another and defer to those who have stronger ideas and more experience. Plus, the whole process is more pleasant when you’re not trying to create something great with a group of strangers. It is team bonding and the sense of belonging that creates a positive work environment here at Rene and this is why employees trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with!

Growth Opportunities

Nepotism is defined as; the practice among those with power or favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs and/or promotions. Unfortunately, Business in America has shown proof of Nepotism across all industries. Nepotism not only contradicts basic moral principles, it is also just bad business. It puts unworthy candidates into positions of leadership, which sub-sequently tarnishes the work culture for others. Nepotism also leads to overwhelmed and un-prepared workers who were not suited for their position. These individuals only receive their roles because a friend or family member but are actually not suited for said role. This ultimately leads to failure for these “favored” employees. In addition, damaged work culture paired with un-skilled leaders results in inferior products and services for customers. As evidenced, everyone loses when nepotism occurs in the workplace. Because of this, at Rene we pride ourselves on using only results based promotions and hires by relying on pre-determined criteria.

Employee Training

Our A-grade internal training programs ensure that every team member is set up for success. Our programs include real-life problems, challenges and scenarios that employees experience on a daily basis. Having a great mentor is priceless and this is why our training programs are lead by our industry’s top performing individuals who have had in-field experience. Every single team member at Rene is paired up with a mentor who has previously achieved the highest levels of success in their specific role. We don’t believe in trainers or supervisors, we believe in mentors. One of our office’s slogans: “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”. Our CEO has created a culture of genuine care and compassion resembling that of a family.

95 %
Strategy Development
Choosing the correct strategy is of the utmost importance when launching a campaign.
99 %
Live Marketing
We deliver a solid ROI by showing how many potential customers responded to a clear call to action.
97 %
We promise a clear and consistent message when building and delivering branding campaigns.
92 %
Market Research
We select the best solutions in the current market to help our clients and customers with their business needs.
Analytics & Feedback 0
Customer Acquisition 0
Campaign Creation 0
Client Management 0

We go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

We’re Going Places

Our success will be determined on our entrepreneurial mindsets, commitment and our unique approach to customer care, which means the demand for what we do has never been higher within the marketing industry.

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The most awarding thing about this business is the opportunity to not only make a difference in the world but also change individual lives you haven’t even met yet.

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We can be very competitive here at times, but that's driven by our desire to see each and every one of us to succeed. We can all see each other's potential for success, and seeing that potential for greatness in others drives us to pull greatness from within ourselves. We come in every single day and work our hardest to improve ourselves, and we take joy from seeing each other make those improvements as well.

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Coming from a engineering background that’s heavily seniority based, I love how this industry is completely performance based. Rene gives me the ability to have control over my career; control over my growth, my paycheck and my future. In addition, having an exciting and amazing group of individuals here makes for an extremely enjoyable company culture.