Company History

June 2017

Our company began working in the direct marketing industry after securing a contract with Comcast. Comcast would go on to become our number one client over the next 3 years.

August 2017
New Client

After achieving rapid success in the telemarketing industry, our executives began to venture into new industries. We started working alongside HelloFresh, the world’s largest meal kit delivery service.

April 2018
New Client

Our company secured an agreement with the Humane Society of the United States. This was the first time a charity entrusted us to spearhead one of their campaigns. Our marketing team worked closely alongside the HSUS PR team and our emergence into the nonprofit sector began.

February 2019

As our firm gained success and notoriety, our company was presented the opportunity to work in the sports industry. As many of our executives are former collegiate athletes, this opportunity was a dream come true. We signed our first major sports contract with the Atlanta Braves as we opened up a firm in Georgia.

March 2020

As the pandemic hit, fear and uncertainty swept across the country. As a nationwide lockdown was put in place, our company ceased operations completely. Inevitably, our revenue came to a halt and our leadership was faced with a tough decision. After much thought & contemplation, our CEO decided to personally fund the entire company’s payroll for the next 8 weeks. As a result, we were able to retain 100% of our workforce without furloughing or laying off a single employee. 

June 2020
Post Pandemic

Post lockdown our company emerged as one of the few remaining direct marketing agencies in the Midwest. As a result, we saw a dramatic increase in the demand for our services. Our current clients began planning for expansions into new markets, and new clients started inquiring about our strategies.

January 2021

As new clients came onboard, our employment count doubled in order to keep up with increased work flow. Our company therefore had the good fortune of being able to open up a second firm in Chicago.

May 2021
Washington D.C

As our success in the Midwest continued, our company gained national attention in the non-profit sector. The Special Olympics of the United States therefore financed our company’s second expansion as we opened up a firm in Washington D.C.

& The Future

With a total of 9 clients in our portfolio our company now consists of 4 branches, with contracts already secured for us to expand into 3 new cities within the next quarter. As one of the newest Marketing Agencies in the nation, our firm is looking to maintain our current trajectory and continue growing into new industries.